FabLight in Australia | Austech 2019



The FabLight made its Australian debut recently at Austech 2019, held May 14-17 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. 3D Fab Light was hosted by GWB Machine Tools, our exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand. GWB’s booth was right by the Main Entrance (see the Fab Light logo on the map), and the FabLight was right at the front of the booth. Thanks GWB!

GWB also distributes LVD laser cutters (and several other tools). Here’s a picture taken when we were setting up the show. Notice the FabLight across from a massive LVD Electra 3015 with a 10kW laser. Even next to this $1M+ machine, which was cutting almost constantly throughout the show, lots of people stopped for a FabLight demo. Many visitors told us how impressed they are with our capabilities — especially the tube cutting and low power requirement — and our reasonable price. 


The stand (aka booth) was consistently busy across all four days. We cut and gave away hundreds of bottle openers, and scanned lots of badges. Being in a new country helped confirm for us that the FabLight fills a market gap for high performance, affordably priced metal laser cutting for tubes and sheets, and is starting to establish itself as a world-class machine.

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A crowd at Austech gathers around the FabLight Tube & Sheet for a demo. 
An attendee watching the FabLight laser cutter carve up some stainless steel square tubing.